EFT Batch Approvals


If your business uses Dynamics GP to generate EFT files for payments to vendors, our EFT Batch Approval tool is a must-have solution. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Active Directory, you can easily configure a list of people who are authorized to approve batches for payment. Only users in that group are able to approve batches in Dynamics GP.

How It Works

  1. You create an AD group in Active Directory, and add the staff who will be authorized to approve batches as members of the group.
  2. In Dynamics GP, Batch Approvals are enabled for Purchasing Cheque Batches.
  3. Once your AP team has created a batch for payment, one of the approvers will log in to Dynamics GP and click the “Approved” checkbox for the batch.
  4. The system then checks to see that the user logged in is a member of the Batch Approvals AD group. If so, the batch is marked as approved. If not, the batch will not be approved.

Advantages over “Out of the Box” GP Approvals

  1. Enhanced Security – In the native GP approval process, your only protection is the Batch Approval password that is set up. If someone learns that password, there is nothing to prevent them from approving batches in GP. With our solution, even if they know the password, the system will stop them from approving because they are not authorized to do so.
  2. Ease of Maintenance – as approval staff change, you can easily update the list of people who can approve by moving them in and out of the AD group.


There are a number of options available when deploying our EFT Batch Approval solution:


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